Equine Grooming

Equine Grooming Services

Grooming of your horse should be thoroughly enjoyable for your horse. Daily grooming allows you to bond with the horse while keeping an eye on any changes, injuries, marks and infections. It is ideal to make grooming a customary practice of your horse's daily activities.

However, if you are unable to find enough time to take care of your horse's grooming yourself, it is best to look for an expert in the field. With us, at Equine Organiser, you can look for grooming service providers listed on the platform and connect with them. The Equine Grooming Services in the US will provide a feel-good experience for your horse, as almost all horses enjoy the sweeping motion of a brush against their skin. 

Grooming Services are Vital for Your Horse 

Grooming must become an integral part and even more essential before and after riding. If overlooked, this can be uncomfortable for your horse mainly due to the buildup of grit beneath the saddle, which can cause saddle or girth sores. Daily grooming also provides the opportunity to look closely at regular intervals for any new cuts, skin infections or thrush etc. Identifying these earlier contributes to early care and immediate treatment for your horse. 

Grooming Services Include:

* Cleaning the hooves

* Detangling Mane and Tail

* Currying the coat

* Cleaning the areas behind the ears and around the eyes and muzzles

* Shampoo & conditioner

Our grooming service gives your horse some extra pampering and attention. Schedule grooming sessions weekly, bi-weekly or as often as you need through our app now!

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