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Equine Livery Services

A livery yard, also called the livery stable or boarding stable is a facility where horse owners can pay a weekly or monthly fee to keep their horses. Equine Livery Services or a boarding yard is not usually a riding school, and the horses are generally not for hire unless they are on working livery. Facilities at a livery yard typically comprise of a loose box or stable and grazing area.

Whether you are looking for a short-term livery such as holiday, rehabilitation, schooling or training or sales livery, or even a long-term livery, rest assured to get only the best. You can easily find a range of facilities to suit your need on our Equine Organiser app.

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The sole aim of all livery services is to provide the best quality equine care that helps to reduce the demands of being an equestrian, predominantly for those juggling the lifestyle amid work, family and everyday life!

Therefore, by looking for livery services in an around your area, you can ensure that your horse gets the best care and shelter whenever required. Imagine you need to travel out of  town for some work commitments or go on a vacation with family, leaving your horse behind unattended can be quite troublesome. You can conveniently book these livery services from trusted service providers on our app and rest assured about your horse’s safety and well-being. 

Also, you can arrange for regular or periodic livery services depending on your need through our app built for Android and iOS both and connect with the service providers. For more information, contact us today!

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