Horse Riding Jockey

Horse Riding Jockey

If you are searching for a horse riding jockey in the US, you can easily find one in the Equine Organiser app. The app brings together all owners, trainers, breeders, jockeys, vet experts, nutritionists etc. on the same platform and you can easily connect with them.

Equine Organiser is a simple solution for trainers, jockeys, barn managers, and owners who are ‘on-the-go’ and like to look for information and manage tasks from a mobile device. It enables access to the iOS and Android mobile app which provides an easy-to-use and convenient way to acquire as well as manage information about the horses, the service providers and all that is needed to ensure their well-being.

Knowing how to find the right jockey for your horse is crucial

A jockey is a person who races horses, usually as a profession. Jockeys are typically self-employed, and are asked by horse owners and trainers to run their horses for a fee, and will also get a portion of the purse winnings. Jockeys are exceptional riders who have outstanding physical fitness. Controlling a horse while it’s racing at high speeds requires a combination of both strength and agility. Jockeys do not just ride the horses but push them to deliver their best possible run. However, in doing so, they should never compromise with the health or safety of the horses. 

Excellent jockeys often value this aspect greatly and hence, know how to handle the horses tenderly even while maintaining their control. They also train hard with the horses they are planning to run  the race with to understand everything about it, identify its skills and work on its flaws too. Therefore, it is vital that you connect with the right jockey for your sport horse to ensure it delivers its best performance.

If you are a jockey who has sufficient training, experience as well as skills necessary on the racing course, list your details on the Equine Organiser app and connect with trainers and horse-owners now!

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