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Ensuring that your horses get the required nutrition is instrumental in determining their good health and well-being. If you own a stable and have a herd of horses, you know it well how essential it is for you to pay attention to their eating habits so that they remain in good shape and free from illness. Trained and certified nutritionists can easily create well-designed diet plans for them so that the deficiencies can be taken care of, treated, and the health of the horses can be maintained. Equine Nutrition Services in the US thus ensure that your pets remain in good health and perform as intended.

Equine nutritionists usually have a background in general animal science but also specialise in the needs of horses. They also have special training in equine physiology, disease prevention and nutrition. Many individuals in this field also have bachelor's degrees in equine studies or animal science or other advanced degrees.

From evaluating the diet requirements to measuring the weight and height, a nutritionist keeps a tab on everything to ensure that the horses stay in good health.

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