Who Should Use Equine Organiser?

Anyone involved in the ownership and care of horses can create a free profile with Equine Organiser and simplify their horse management.

Our digital horse management platform connects service providers of the equine industry to horse owners by allowing owners to search local service providers that are closest to them.

Equine Organise provides the technology for all parties involved in the care and ownership of a horse to communicate, view updates including training logs, medical notes and completely track the horse.

Digital Horse Management Services

The Equine Organiser app uses advanced mobile technology to bring all of your horse management tools into the one convenient platform. Whether you are a horse and syndicate owners or an equine service provider, Equine Organiser is your ultimate horse resource.

  • Create a ‘Horse Profile’ for each horse
  • Track the GPS location of the horse
  • Speciality Management software for the stables
  • Assign duties to staff or service providers
  • Create calendar alerts and appointments
  • Receive notifications of upcoming tasks
  • Log activities and training notes
  • Use GPS tracking for speed and time testing
  • Secure invoicing feature
  • Secure credit card payments
  • Free horse for sale listings
  • Find Service providers such as:
    • Vets
    • Farriers
    • Agistment / Livery
    • Riding instructors & Coaches
    • Horse transport
    • Horse Trainers
    • Dentist/ Dental Vet
    • Chiropractor
    • Bowen Practitioners
    • Osteopathy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Masseuse
    • Rehabilitation Centre and Services
    • Nutrition
    • Homeopathic
    • Behaviourist’s
    • Saddle fitter
    • Jockey
    • Rider
    • Groom/Strapper
    • Farm Labour
    • Stable Manager
    • Racing Trainer
    • Breeding
    • Stud
    • Veterinarian Hospital
    • Horse Breaking Training Centre
    • Burial Service

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