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Farriers are the highly skilled equine hoof-care professionals. They shape and fit the horseshoes and clean, trim, and shape up the horse hooves. A Professional Horse Farrier can work with various horse breeds in diverse environments, like riding stables, farms, racetracks, etc. Pet horses, show horses, as well as racehorses can require attention from a farrier.

Farriers use various tools, like rasps and nippers, to trim and outline a horse's hooves. They also correct, remodel, and apply horseshoes to the horse's hooves if required. Horses usually require trimming every six to eight weeks to uphold proper balance in the foot and lower limbs. Horseshoes are also available in different sizes, weights, and designs with minimal need for reshaping. However, some farriers are exceptionally skilled in ironwork and can even make custom shoes for your horses too. 

Horse Farriers Are Highly Skilled Professionals

The majority of farriers working in the present times are self-employed. The profession mostly offers a very flexible work schedule. Some farriers even choose to travel to the racing or show circuits, providing their services as horses compete across the country.

Some farriers also choose only to work part-time and run horse training, vanning, or breeding operations besides their shoeing work. They may also work or consult with veterinarians and construct special shoes or prosthetics to aid horses with severe foot problems.

However, official certification is not required to become a farrier, but many often complete an apprenticeship before beginning their independent work. If you are looking for a skilled farrier for your stable, knowing all these vital aspects is crucial. After that, you can look for expert farriers listed on Equine Organiser and then connect with them to avail their services. To know more about our farrier services, visit our website, or download the app now! Available on iOS & Android!

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