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Saddle fit is exceptionally vital. When done correctly by a professionally trained expert, the right saddle fitting provides both the horse and rider the comfort they require to focus on performance. When riders ride on the horseback for prolonged periods, it is likely to affect the horse.

Disruption of blood supply to the horses back due to prolonged periods of a rider's weight on the saddle is a severe cause of tissue damage and atrophy or the loss of muscle mass and strength. The horse's backs suffer from pricks from needles and pins and numbness because of this lack of blood supply. 

The right saddle fitting services not only involves the right fit for the horse but more essentially, the appropriate shape and balance between enabling the jockeys to ride in the best manner. Factors like balancing, size of the saddle, symmetry, and gullet width play a significant role in determining the right saddle fit for your horse.

Keeping all this in mind, it is crucial to employ someone experienced in the field to check your horse and the saddle for fit.

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